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11/04/2019 32m 13s
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Paralympian and world record holder Hannah Cockroft, Paralympian and wheelchair tennis star Alfie Hewett, and former client Ed Buckley talk all things sport.

Learn how champions Hannah and Alfie weren’t allowed to do PE at school. Ed shares his secret to a good night’s sleep. And discover how you can get involved in disability sport with our Don’t Quit Do It campaign.

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Neil Taylor

Neil Taylor


Neil’s a published author who’s hosted several podcasts, including Language and Behaviour, as well as founding the consultancy Schwa.



Don't Quit Do It

Our campaign to get more people into disability sport.


Visit the Parasport website to find a sports club near you.

Inclusive Gyms

Activity Alliance has a tool to find accredited inclusive gyms.

Turning Point

Read our magazine which is jam-packed with inspirational stories.

Alfie’s Story

Find out more about wheelchair tennis sensation, Alfie.

Ed’s Story

Read about podcast guest Ed's amazing journey to recovery.

Hannah’s Story

A story of grit and determination, read about Hannah’s journey.

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